Tuesday, February 4, 2014


As I look at this picture of my daughter and I, I am reminded of God's grace in my life. I see joy when I look at this picture. I see light and legacy. I am so thankful to be a mother. Partly because I have one of the greatest mothers to look up to. Her character is sought after and hard to find in this world that we live in today. Meek, kind, selfless. She has these qualities and so many more. Today, is National Cancer Awareness Day. As much as I want to bring awareness to this disease and help people realize that it's real and it happens, I also want you to know that we can just be still. We can know that God has everything planned and has a purpose for everything. Even in the darkest suffering sides of cancer. We need only be still.
Romans 12:12 says Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation and constant in prayer. In the midst of this tribulation of Cancer (Which it is! It is pure tribulation! It WRECKS your world!) I can rejoice because whatever the outcome I know I will spend eternity dancing and worshiping my savior alongside of my mom. (which is a pretty cool thing to imagine because I have never seen her dance, but I know she will in heaven!) He has given me this awesome thing called prayer where I can constantly go before his throne and lay all of my burdens down. I can cry and yell and tell him how horrible this disease is! I can ask him for strength, I can ask him to heal her and give me more time with her. I am really not sure how you get through this life without a hope and assurance like that. I started trucking along on my journey of rediscovering who God is making me to be 15 days ago. A journey of becoming a healthier woman. A journey of showing my kids that life is hard, but you have to keep trying to push through the hard parts of life even though it seems like there is no point sometimes. There is so much more life to live when you are pouring out into others and making their lives better. Take time to pray today for those who are fighting. For those who have lost a loved one to this disease, I pray that you would be comforted by the ultimate comforter today. For the ones that are watching someone suffer and you are walking beside them, be still and know that He is able. If you are in the trenches and fighting this battle, I pray that you would find a strength that is beyond this world's comprehension and that you know He has you in the palm of his hands. Peace and God's grace to you. ~Joelle

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